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    Larger Bench and Full Bench Judgments

    Case Details Parties Date of Order Larger/Full Bench
    HCP No. 1441/2007, 1653/2011 and etc., Madras High Court N. Gowthaman
    The Government of Tamil Nadu
    29.08.2016 Larger Bench (5)
    CRL. A. No. 663 / 2016, Madras High Court Chinnathambi
    The State of Tamil Nadu and Ors.
    23.02.2017 Full Bench (3)
    M.C.NO. 1/ 2005, Madras High Court Joseph Stanislaus
    M. Mary Margaret Rani
    04.06.2015 Full Bench (3)
    W.P NO. 17615 /2013, Madras High Court K. Senthil Mallar
    The Government of Tamil Nadu
    20.10.2017 Full Bench (3)
    W.P (MD) NO.2602 / 2009, Madras High Court S. Andiyannan and Ors
    Joint Registrar, Co-operative Societies and Ors.
    27.03.2015 Full Bench (3)
    Crl. A. (MD) Nos. 347 of 2010, Madurai Bench S. Ganapathy
    N. Senthilvel
    05.04.2016 Full Bench (3)
    W.P. Nos. 2675, 253, 9750 of 2011, Madras High Court The Assistant Commissioner (CT), Anna Salai-III Assessment
    The Indian Overseas Bank and Ors.
    10.11.2016 Full Bench (3)
    W.A. Nos. 1590 and 1670 of 2015, Madras High Court The Chairman, Bar Council of India
    S.M. Anantha Murugan and Ors.
    09.08.2017 Full Bench (3)
    Writ Appeal No. 1307 of 2009, Madras High Court The Correspondent/Principal Arokiamada Matriculation Higher Secondary School
    Tmt. T. Sorubarani and Ors
    15.10.2015 Full Bench (3)
    Rev. Aplc. (MD) No. 87 of 2014 in W.A. (MD) No. 729 of 2013, Madras High Court The Secretary to Government, Municipal Administration and Water Supply
    V. Marisamy and Ors
    30.05.2017 Full Bench (3)
    W.P. No. 1294 of 2009, Madras High Court T.K. Shanmugam and Ors.
    The State of Tamil Nadu and Ors.
    30.10.2015 Full Bench (3)